After 4 succesful years, Philips decided that the time had come to renew its road show booths. The existing booths were very functional, but the design was a little outdated. The request was to create a new concept "out of the blue". This had to be done for 10 different product groups, varying from in- and outdoor to office- and retail lighting. Next to that, the newest technologies with regard to e.g. smart phone control were demanded and are in full effect in the new booths.


The choice of the design has become a "high-tech and industrial" look, mainly because Philips is also showing high-tech proto types to its most important customers during the road show. Next to that, the choice type of the display is a curved sloping plane in which the armatures can be installed... with a wink to the curved arm of a desk lamp.


During the concept phase, we have built a prototype which has been further developed closely together with Philips. After many hours of research we have been able to create a perfect modular display in which all of Philips' requirements have been processed, a.o. digital touchscreen presentations, iPad control, product presentations and working elements and clean finish.


This resulted to in total 36 moveable displays, 17 ceilings with products, 31 touchscreens, 10 tablets and 6 smartphones. All materials and product are packed in 22 custom-made transportation boxes. The basis of each booth is a combination of an aluminum system, powder coated aluminum HPL, LED lights and printend fabric cloths & rubber for a sleek finish. Furthermore, matching furniture has been delivered. Last but not least: all elements have been designed (and produced) for modular construction, in order to be able to build and present the booths in a wide range of locations!





"Your team's helpful 'nothing is too much trouble' attitude is completely invaluable and which is why we will always use Displaying You!"


Tara Chahal - OEM Channel Manager Philips Lighting UK&I



"A great example where teamwork could lead to!"


Leon Stofmeel - Technical Regional Product Manager Philips Lighting OEM


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booths for the different product groups

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