There is always room for improvement, even in the most successful exhibition projects. With a keen eye for detail we continuously search for ways of making improvements, at the same time working closely together with our customers.

customer requirement analysis

Every project starts with an analysis of the customer requirements, objectives and its identity. We want to understand their business, which enables us to create a trade show solution which perfectly fits their needs.

creative concept

After the customer briefing a designer starts to design a creative exhibition stand which has to convey “the message” as agreed together. We think along to develop a flexible solution which not only works for one specific exhibition, but for multiple participations (and/or multiple years).

exhibition preparation

During the preparation for the exhibition, we relieve our customers from all the project- and facilities management related activities (request forms, stand preparation, etc.). Specific stand crew training is facilitated on request.


Most of our production is done in-house. We transport all material (throughout Europe) with our own drivers to drastically lower the risk of something being damaged. Our service technicians make sure that everything is perfect in order before the stand is hand-over to the customer. After the exhibition, we take care of dismantling the stand and transport it to our own facilities where it will be stored.


The final step is to evaluate the exhibition participation with all parties involved. It is important to not only look at qualitative results (“the atmosphere in our stand was really good”) but also at quantifiable results (“we generated 40% more sales leads than last year”).