Oliver (Healthcare Packaging) is a worldwide leading provider of sterilisable, cost-effective, protective packaging for the medical- and pharmaceutical industry.

With the merger of Oliver-Tolas and Mangar in 2017, the company emerged as a leader in this field.

Because of the new name and corporate identity, they needed a new exhibition stand.


The new logo of Oliver (a peel-off package) was the starting point for this concept and is literally the central element in the booth. The abstract shape of the package runs from the back wall across the floor. The logo is three dimensional and visible in two shades of blue on the wall and flooring. It’s a playful and striking element which is also used as storage space.

The modern product display is situated on the corner of the stand. The 2D packaging materials are clamped between acrylic sheets and therefore can be viewed from both sides.

The LED wall of 4 x 4 meters completes the attractive appearance of this exhibition stand.


Oliver does not only participate at trade shows, but also at smaller conferences. Therefore, reusability of materials is an important requirement.

The size of the product display is easy to adjust and the LED wall can also be used as a freestanding object.






“We are very happy with the concept of our exhibition stand. Displaying You has perfectly used our logo as a main eyecatcher in this design. It strengthens our global branding activities which we are currently unrolling to make our new company name feel familiar.

In combination with the illuminated back wall it gives a striking appearance.”


Jan-Willem Bruijsten - Sales Manager Europe


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